We strive to supply our customers with the highest quality of bluegrass sod to the
Illinois and Wisconsin region. The search never ends for the best, high quality grasses to grow at Stever Turf Farm. Only the finest and best genetics are chosen for sod production. We will never settle and continue to upgrade when better genetics and varieties become available. After the installation of our sod is where the real wow effect takes place. The lawn just does not look incredible it has unbelievable staying power and survivability. There is no better feeling then exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Stever Turf Farm Produces
Trebro Auto-stacked 10 square foot (5ft x 2 ft) small rolls, and big rolls for fast and easy installation. Get more work done in less time and “Leave it to Stever” to complete the job.

  • Started in 1988 with 20 acres and now has grown over 300 acres
  • Mike Stever started when he was in high school
  • Obsessed in finding the best genetics to have the best sod varieties for customers
  • Currently using only the finest 3-D sod varieties
  • Uses only the best equipment and if it's not available we make our own
  • Currently using a big roll harvester that we built ourselves

    Stever Turf Farm
    1000 S 124th Street
    Franksville, WI 53126
    Phone: (414) 425-7767
    Fax: (414) 425-8126